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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Junior Buyer – based in South East UK
General manager imports (designate) - Southern China
Sales manager Central Europe
Managing Director Central Europe
General Manager - China
Fritz Wiendl (experience in fresh produce industry) is looking for a job
Business Manager NEF - Netherlands
Supervisor Nucleus Stock - The Netherlands
Project Manager R&D - The Netherlands
Global Production Improvement Technician - Israel, Peru or Netherlands

Greece's Secretary General for Agricultural Development Dimitris Melas:
Horticulture could see Greece out of crisis
For Greece's Secretary General for Agricultural Development and International Relations, Dimitris Melas, the way out of the country's economic lies with the agricultural and horticultural sector. With that in mind, he was recently at a Fresh Produce Ukraine in Kiev to promote trade in the area.“We want to.....

US: American Hydroponics to celebrate 30 years of NFT expertise
There are so many fruit and vegetable options available for the average, American consumer. Mainstream grocery stores now offer organic produce, co-ops and natural food stores offer a plethora of non-GMO fruits and veggies and many communities are home to community sponsored farms and farmer’s markets. A.....

South Korean growers adapt The New Cultivation method
Horti-Consult International visited South Korea. "Using Bass Meijndert as a guide and Mr. Han hosting the trip, this could be called a successful mission," says Gilbert Heijens of the consulting agency. "We got a good impression of the country."CultivationAgriculture and horticulture are quite developed in.....
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Two sites off Hoe Lane in Nazeing could house glasshouses
UK: New greenhouses to be built in the Lea Valley
Azeing Parish Council has “no objection in principle” for plans to build glasshouses on a currently derelict site in the village. However, councillors agreed that potential knock-on effects for traffic and Nazeing’s footpaths needs to be investigated before the plans get the green light. Proposals for.....

US: Peter van Stein, “Mr. Javo USA”, passes away
On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Peter van Stein of Javo USA passed away. 'Our beloved colleague, passed away at the too young age of 68. For over 30 years he represented Javo in North America. We shall always remember him for the enthusiasm he brought to his work, his spontaneity, and the famous handlebar.....

New standards demand better water treatments:
Extended recirculation of water and a healthier crop
New standards in the field of crop protection and emissions will affect the greenhouse horticulture sector very soon. Emissions to surfacewater are becoming taboo; purification equipment for water that is to be discharged is already mandatory starting in 2016. According to some business sector media outlets,.....

France: Clement Brothers proud owner of ModulAIR greenhouse
In the latest newsletter of Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, the greenhouse constructor shares an interview with the Clement Brothers. These French greenhouse growers debuted last year as the first growers with a ModulAIR greenhouse built by Van der Hoeven. Enjoy the interview. VDH: Can you tell us.....

Indonesia: Fertilizer subsidy to boost organic farming
The Bali administration is determined to continue transforming the island into an “organic” province, where local farmers embrace healthier and greener organic farming.On Friday, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika declared his administration would increase the subsidy provided for organic fertilizer to.....
US (CA): Water regulations steer orchid grower towards hydroponic vegetables
Not many hydroponic farms are established in the middle of an orchid nursery, but for South Coast Orchids’ owner Dennis Keany and his family, hydroponic vegetables were the answer to the question: what do you grow when you can’t use much water? The family’s 4.5-acre orchid nursery located just North of San.....

Pakistan: Certified vegetable seeds distributed among small growers
Pakistan's Political Administration of the Mohmand Agency has distributed free certified wheat and vegetables seeds in order to improve the poor socio-economic status of 2075 small growers. This intervention would help restore livelihood of poor and small growers as well as boost up crop productivity in the.....

Mexico: Wholesum Family Farms adds 8 acre of greenhouse for organic beefsteak tomatoes
According to an interview with The Packer.com, Wholesum Family Farms increased production of its organic coloured bell peppers and squash this season and plans to build a greenhouse for organic beefsteak tomatoes next year. The facility is expected to be 3 hectares (8 acres) of greenhouse in Sonora, Mexico......
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US: Winter tomato harvest starts at Florida's Beli Farms
Emil Belibasis grows hydroponic tomatoes in Wellborn, Fla., in the state’s Panhandle region. He is originally from Honduras but got his horticulture degree and master’s from the University of Florida. But the 59-year-old left the academic life and private sector more than two decades ago and started from.....

Spain: CASI aims to increase acreage by 10%
The CASI Cooperative is pleased with the increase in tomato prices; partly the result of its support to a greater concentration of supply, deemed essential to become more competitive against large distributors, while allowing growers to obtain the best possible prices. CASI is confident that this upward.....

Ecuador to boost flower, fresh produce export to UAE
Ecuador is targeting a 31 per cent increase of its non-oil exports including flowers, banana and other processed food to the UAE. The total value of the country’s non-oil exports to the UAE has reached $3.65 million as of the third quarter, said Pro Ecuador, the trade and investment promotion organisation.In.....

North Caucasus greenhouses provide over 11% of seasonal vegetables and greens in Russia
According to a recent study, North Caucasian vegetable producers supply over 11% of vegetables and vegetable greens to the national market. The grown vegetables can be divided into two groups: field vegetables from private farmers, and vegetables grown in greenhouses - from large-scale commercial.....

Spanish aubergine price doubles the Dutch
According to data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, during week 48 (25 November to 1 December) Spanish aubergines became twice as expensive as those imported from The Netherlands in the London market. While the former reached a modal price of 2.16 Euro per kilo, the Dutch.....

Colombian flowers successfully shipped by sea to Holland
Mid-October saw the arrival of ten sea containers full of flowers, including carnations and Alstroemeria, from Colombia. FloraHolland was closely involved in the operation, as Chain logistics adviser Christo van der Meer explains. "Maritime transportation is more sustainable (75 percent less CO2 emissions).....

‘Perfect storm’ needed for salmonella to spread in post-harvest tomatoes
University of Florida researchers have gained new insight into produce-associated salmonella that they hope will eventually reduce the number and severity of the illness-causing outbreaks.Tomato variety and weather can combine to make what the researchers call a “perfect storm” for salmonella to proliferate.....

US: "FDA should rethink proposed food-safety rules"
Rules being considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to implement a new food-safety law would be burdensome to small and organic farmers at a time when Americans want more food choices. This is exactly wrong at a time when Americans want more local produce that is fresh and in season; more.....

All study participants expressed "true" or "excited" smiles upon receiving flowers
Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, says Rutgers study
Experts have recommended for a long time exercise and other personal lifestyle changes to relieve stress. According to behavioural research conducted at Rutgers University, nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health in the form of flowers."What's most exciting about this study is that.....
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